DM Summer Haul

This post is basically going to be a shower gel haul, because I’m obsessed with them. Slightly too much…but look at them. 😀


 Deospray Pink Pomelo

I’m absolutely satisfied with his DEO. It smells amazing (maybe a bit too strong) and certainly does the job.

Creme Seife Papaya & Buttermilch Hand Soap

I adore the scent and actually I can’t say much about this product.

Totes Meer Face Mask

It contains salt and huge amount of useful minerals, it removes the dead skin cells.  I really loved it and I also bought another one in a rapberry&vanilla scent, it has no effect, but smells amazing.


Ebelin Nail polish remover

I think this was around €0.50, which is very cheap and this one is fantastic. I HATE removing nail polish, but with this it’ so easy and quick.

Balea Shaver

The razors are really good and very reasonably priced.

Balea Shower Gels

All of them foam lovely and feel nice on my skin.Most cost only 0.85€  Their scents don’t last long which is fine. My favourite one is the one on the right, it smells like a sun spray and I bought two of this.





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