Lush review: Snow fairy & Buttercup

I received these LUSH gift sets as presents and I’m totally in love with these so I thought it would be nice to share with you.

LUSH releases pre-wrapped and pre-packaged gift boxes every holiday and they have a beautiful, colourful packages.




It’s beautifully packaged in floral paper and it had a sticker with who made the product and when. In this set there is a soap and a bath bomb. It also includes a mini booklet on all the products.IMG_6441


The bath bomb is called ‘Butterball’ and this smells amazing! It has a vanilla scent, but when you put it in the bath inside are loads of little pieces of Cocoa butter which slowly melt.


The soap is called ‘Honey I washed the kids’.This soap was made of honey and it smells really nice too. Actually I haven’t tried it yet, but it must be amazing.

Snow Fairy

You can find a shower gel and a PINK Fun in this cute gift box.



Fun acts as a soap, a shampoo, a bubble bath, and a play-doh like product that you can shape into silly little characters or things.

It smells like fruity candy. As a bubble bar, it turns your water a light pink but doesn’t produce much bubbles unfortunately.

Snow Fairy shower gel


Snow Fairy can be used as both a shower gel and shampoo. It’s bright pink and has an extremely nice smell; it’s very sweet and fruity it reminds me to bubblegum and it has a very nostalgic feeling in my opininion.

xo, Lili

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